AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a key field driving modern technological innovation. Through techniques like machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing, AI performs data analysis, predictions, and automation, bringing innovation to various industries and everyday life. AI has already made significant changes in fields such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and entertainment, with limitless potential for future advancements. This category will cover the latest AI technologies, application examples, trends, and future outlooks to help readers understand the current and future state of AI.

  1. ChatGPT

    ChatGPT Desktop version offers a powerful AI language model with various features, including email composition, file uploads, and screenshot sharing. Available for Windows and macOS, it is easy to install and use, enhancing work efficiency. Download now to experience the latest AI technology.

    Key Features of ChatGPT Desktop

    Model Switching Capabilities

    ChatGPT - Model switching capabilities - 01

    ChatGPT Desktop allows users to select and switch between various AI models based on their needs. This feature helps users choose the most suitable model for the nature of their tasks, ensuring efficient performance.

    Speech Recognition

    ChatGPT - Speech recognition - 02

    Offers speech-to-text conversion for user input. This feature is particularly useful for multitaskers, allowing quick and easy task completion through voice commands.

    Screenshot Sharing

    ChatGPT - Screenshot sharing - 03

    Includes a feature for capturing and instantly sharing screenshots. This helps in efficiently conveying visual information and facilitating collaboration.

    Privacy Mode provides an anonymous chat mode that does not save conversation history, protecting user privacy and ensuring secure communication.

    Cross-Platform Compatibility

    ChatGPT - Cross-platform compatibility - 04

    ChatGPT is available on both macOS and Windows, optimized for each operating system. The macOS version works on Apple Silicon (M1 and above), with a Windows version coming soon.

    Work Integration

    ChatGPT MacOS - Work integration - 05

    Seamlessly integrates with the desktop environment, allowing users to interact with AI without interrupting their workflow. For example, quickly summon ChatGPT with a keyboard shortcut to start a conversation.

    Multilingual Support

    ChatGPT Desktop supports multiple languages, allowing users worldwide to benefit from AI without language barriers. It provides natural and accurate responses in various languages.

    File Upload Functionality

    Users can upload various files, such as documents and images, for AI analysis and processing. This feature is particularly useful for enhancing productivity.

    Use Cases of ChatGPT

    Business Applications

    ChatGPT can be used in business settings for customer support, marketing, data analysis, and more. For example, it can provide real-time responses to customer inquiries or generate marketing campaign messages.

    Educational Applications

    In education, ChatGPT can answer student questions or generate learning materials. It is also useful for language learning.

    Medical Applications

    In the medical field, ChatGPT can assist with initial consultations about symptoms or provide medical information, saving time for healthcare professionals and offering quick information to patients.

    Entertainment Applications

    In entertainment, ChatGPT can be used for interacting with game characters or generating creative stories, enhancing user experience and providing more immersive content.

    Comparison with Alternative AIs

    FeatureChatGPTGoogle Bard (Gemini)ClaudeGrokLLaMA 3Replika
    Creative Text GenerationGPT-4 based, multi-language support, DALL-E integrationGemini Pro, new LLM, advanced text generationClaude 2.1, large context window, constitutional AIHumorous conversation, real-time X network accessLLaMA 3, open source, easily customizableEmotional support and conversation, personalized experience
    Programming SupportSupports multiple programming languages, code writing and modificationSupports multiple programming languages, code generation and modificationNo mention of programming supportNo mention of programming supportSupports multiple programming languages, code writing and modificationNo mention of programming support
    Internet AccessBrowsing available in ChatGPT PlusReal-time web search availableNo real-time internet accessOnly available for X Premium+ subscribersNo internet accessReal-time web search available
    User InterfaceSimple interface, supports various platformsIntegrated with Google apps, various text outputsFamiliar interface, optimized for enterpriseText input only, X Premium+ requiredSimple interface, supports various platformsUser-friendly interface, mobile app support
    Additional FeaturesCustomizable GPTs, DALL-E image generationDraft response, advanced data analysisDocument review, large-scale data analysis supportEntertainment-oriented, genuinely humorous responsesTemperature control feature, customizableEmotional conversation, personalized interaction
    Data AnalysisAdvanced data analysis, spreadsheet summarizationAdvanced data analysis, real-time information accessLarge-scale data analysis, enterprise document reviewBasic data analysisAdvanced data analysisBasic data analysis
    Security and PrivacyStrong security features, user data protectionStrong security features, Google data protectionEnhanced security with constitutional AIModerate securityOpen source security, user-managedModerate security
    User Support24/7 support, community forum24/7 support, email supportEmail supportX support forumCommunity support24/7 chat support
    Multimodal CapabilitiesText, image, and audio understanding and generationText, image generationText understanding and generationText understanding and generationText understanding and generationText understanding and generation
    CustomizationCustomizable with GPTsLimited customizationNot customizableNot customizableFully customizableLimited customization
    PricingFree version, Plus version ($20/month)Free versionFree and paid versionsX Premium+ subscription required ($16/month)FreeFree and paid versions
    Conversation MemoryModerateLongVery longShortModerateLong

    ChatGPT Resource Usage

    AI ModelCPU UsageMemory UsageGPU UsageNetwork Usage
    ChatGPTMinimalLow to moderate (200-500 MB)NoneModerate to high (requires stable internet)
    Google BardMinimalLow to moderate (200-500 MB)NoneModerate to high (real-time web search)
    GrokMinimalLow to moderate (200-500 MB)NoneModerate to high (real-time X platform data)
    ClaudeMinimalLow to moderate (200-500 MB)NoneModerate to high (cloud-based operations)
    LLaMAMinimalLow to moderate (200-500 MB)NoneModerate to high (varies by model size)
    ReplikaMinimalLow (100-300 MB)NoneLow to moderate (varies by interaction frequency)
    JasperMinimal to moderateModerate (300-600 MB)NoneHigh (content generation) to moderateModerate (300-600 MB)NoneHigh (real-time updates)

    When using these AI services on personal devices, heavy computational tasks are performed on the service provider’s cloud servers. This allows users to enjoy powerful AI features without high-spec hardware.

    Local resources are primarily used for CPU for web interface interactions and data transmission, memory for running web browsers and managing data exchange, and a stable internet connection to communicate smoothly with cloud servers.

    Services like ChatGPT, Google Bard, Jasper, and, which require frequent data exchange, necessitate a stable and relatively fast internet connection. Replika, which has less frequent interaction, has lower network requirements. This setup allows effective use of advanced AI tools on low-spec devices.


    • Supports multiple languages
    • Natural conversation experience
    • Fast response times
    • Handles various topics
    • Personalized interactions


    • Privacy concerns
    • Varying conversation quality based on user
    • Localization language limitations
    • Lack of expertise in specific fields

    ChatGPT : Review

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