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Easy and fast screen capture with just one click

Lightshot is a screenshot program that can be used on PC to capture everything displayed on the computer screen. It provides a tool to select the area to capture and an online editing tool to edit the captured image immediately.

Key Features

  • Lightshot is freeware that anyone can download and install for free.
  • You can capture just one click quickly and easily.
  • A capture area selection tool is provided that allows users to freely specify the area they want to capture.
  • Provides an editing tool that allows you to edit captured images immediately.
  • You can save the image to your PC or to a Lightshot server.
  • Provides links to images so that captured images can be shared immediately.
  • Lightshot supports Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, and Linux, as well as Google Chrome extensions.

How to use Lightshot

How to use Lightshot_01

Right-click the Lightshot icon on the Windows taskbar and click [Options].

How to use Lightshot_02

Go to the [Hotkeys] tab and specify the hotkey for taking a screenshot.

Enter the key that is convenient for you to use.


How to use Lightshot_03

When you click the designated hotkey, the area selection tool is launched.

You can drag to specify the area you want to capture and save it as an image.

You can also use the markup tool on the right.



Lightshot is a free screen capture and image editing program that allows for easy selection of capture areas and provides a variety of editing features for images. It also allows for quick sharing of images. However, it lacks advanced features and has security and advertising issues. Nevertheless, it is very useful for general users as it is easy to use and free.


  • Free software
  • lightweight software
  • Easy-to-use and quick-capture
  • Built-in image editing tools


  • Limited premium capabilities
  • Security issues when storing images on online server

Lightshot : Other Platforms

Lightshot Download for Windows
Lightshot Download for macOS
Lightshot Download extension program

Useful Video

Lightshot : FAQ

What’s the difference between Lightshot and other screenshot programs?

Lightshot is simple and easy to use compared to other capture programs. Lightshot provides quick and accurate region selection, as well as simple editing for captured images. Lightshot can also store images and generate URLs through cloud services. This makes it easy to share images.

Is Lightshot secure about security?

Lightshot is a safe program that many people have used for a long time. However, be careful when storing screenshots on Lightshot’s cloud server when storing images containing security and personal information on the server.

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