Simple, powerful, Notepad++

Notepad++ is a powerful code editor that is available for free. It provides various features necessary for writing and editing source code.

Notepad++ Main features

  • Syntax highlighting feature
  • Auto-completion feature
  • Execution and debugging feature
  • Multi-document editing feature
  • Regular expression search and replace feature
  • Bookmark feature for document navigation
  • Screen splitting editing feature

Notepad++ is ideal when complex or IDE functions are not required and it is available for free. Its various features can be used easily, making it particularly useful for programming beginners or users who require it for simple tasks. It is also efficient for handling large files or complex tasks due to its lightweight and fast execution.

Alternative programs for Notepad++

Sublime Text

Try using Sublime Text instead of Notepad++. Sublime Text is a small and fast text editor that offers various color schemes, tabs, bookmarks, full-screen mode, and many other features. This program can quickly open large files and can be used with keyboard shortcuts and auto-completion.


Atom is one of the alternatives to Notepad++. This text editor is designed especially for web developers. Although it is a fast and lightweight editor, it can display the structure of the code more clearly. Atom offers various themes, custom packages, GitHub integration, and auto-completion features.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a free text editor similar to Notepad++. This program offers high flexibility, fast speed, and powerful features. It is suitable for various languages and platforms and provides various functions, such as debugging, Git integration, auto-completion, and code highlighting.


Brackets is a free text editor developed by Adobe, which offers various functions such as code editing, debugging, and styling. It is designed especially for web designers and supports various web languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In addition, you can preview web pages while writing them with the preview function.


You can also use Bluefish instead of Notepad++. Bluefish is a free text editor that provides many functions. It can open multiple files at the same time and offers various functions such as powerful search and replace, syntax highlighting, and FTP support. Bluefish also supports various languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and Python.



Notepad++ is a popular text editor among developers. Personally, I mainly use Notepad++ when developing because it supports various languages and provides necessary features for development such as code highlighting, auto-completion, and grammar checking.

In addition, Notepad++ boasts lightweight and fast speed. Even though it is a free software, it meets all the necessary features required for development, which is equivalent to paid editors. Furthermore, it supports various plugins, allowing you to use additional features as needed.

However, there are also some problems that occur during use. For example, it does not support an auto-save function and there are some inconveniences when entering Korean text. Also, the user interface may be a little difficult to use at first, but you can get used to it after using it a few times.


  • Free software
  • Lightweight
  • Supports most programming languages


  • Lacks functionality for complex tasks
  • Lacks IDE features

Notepad++ : Other Platforms

Notepad++ Download for Windows 64bit
Notepad++ Download for Windows 32bit

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This app also supports other languages.

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