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Free screen recording and capture program for Windows

oCam is a free screen recording and capturing software for Windows that allows users to easily record their computer screens or capture specific areas.

Recommended specifications
CPUpentium4 2.5GHz
Memory1G RAM
Graphics1024*768 16-bit or higher
Operating System2003 / Vista / Windows 7, 8, 10
LicensesFree for Non-profit Individuals

Key Features

  • Screen recording
  • Sound recording
  • Screenshot capture
  • GIF animation storage
  • Run fast function using shortcut keys
  • Provide detailed setting options
  • It is free and easy to use.

Screen recording

oCam’s Screen Recording feature allows users to record a designated area of their computer monitor and save it as a video file. Users can adjust various settings such as the size of the recording area, frame rate, and video codec. oCam also offers a shortcut key option for users to start and stop screen recording with ease.

Sound recording

oCam allows users to record both computer sound and microphone input simultaneously while recording the screen. First, users can record all computer sounds such as YouTube videos or streaming music, game sounds, and other audio coming from the computer. Second, users can record their own voice through the microphone. The sound recorded from the computer and microphone are saved separately from the video file, which is helpful when editing the video later.

Useful additional functions

In addition, oCam provides useful supplementary features. Users can capture screenshots while recording their screen, or save specific portions of the video as GIF animation files. There are also options to emphasize mouse clicks during recording and add text annotations for further explanation.


oCam is a free screen capture and recording software that is easy to use and can save in various file formats. It also allows users to freely add effects such as mouse clicks and keystrokes, making it suitable for education and work purposes. However, the recording quality is not very good and the audio recording function is also lacking.


  • Free to use
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Supports various video formats
  • Provides screen recording


  • Outdated interface
  • The capacity of the video file stored is large.
  • Relatively high computer resources usage

Useful Video

oCam : FAQ

Where can I download oCam for macOS?

oCam is a program designed for the Windows operating system. Currently, no version available in MacOS is not provided. If you are using macOS, we recommend that you use default apps such as built -in Quicktime Player, or other recording and capture software supported by MacOS.

How to use OCAM?

①. Download and install oCam: Download and install OCAM. It is available in the Windows operating system.
②. Select Recording Mode: Run oCamand select the recording mode. You can choose one of the “Screen Recording” mode or “Game Recording” mode.
③. Recording Settings: Select the size and location of the screen to record, and set the area to record. If necessary, you can record the microphone or computer sound.
④. Start recording: Click the Recording button to start recording. If necessary, you can pause and restart recording using the suspension and resumulation button.
⑤. End recording: To exit the recording, click the “Stop Recording” button.
⑥. Save recording files: The recorded file is basically stored in a file name like “oCam_Recording .avi”. You can change the file name or change the storage path.
⑦. File Conversion: If necessary, you can convert files recorded in oCamto another format. Select the conversion option and click the Conversion button to start conversion.
⑧. Recorded file playback: The recorded file can be played directly on oCamand can be played on other media players.

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