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Anki: A powerful and customizable flashcard app for effective and efficient learning.

Anki is a powerful and customizable flashcard software that uses spaced repetition to help users memorize information efficiently. It supports multimedia and is available on both desktop and mobile platforms, with a variety of add-ons and an active user community.

Key Features

  • Spaced Repetition: Anki uses a spaced repetition algorithm to help you remember information over time.
  • Customizable Decks: You can create and organize your own decks of flashcards based on your own needs.
  • Multimedia Support: Anki supports images, audio, and video to help you learn in different ways.
  • Mobile and Desktop Compatibility: Anki is available on both desktop and mobile platforms, so you can study anytime, anywhere.
  • Add-ons: Anki has a variety of add-ons available to customize and enhance your study experience.
  • Import and Export: You can easily import and export decks of flashcards to share with others or use on different devices.
  • Open-Source: Anki is open-source software, which means that the source code is freely available for anyone to use and modify.
  • Community Support: Anki has an active community of users who share decks, tips, and tricks to help each other learn effectively.

Anki is a memorization system designed to help students learn anything. It strengthens the retention of facts over a long period of time. While you still have to learn things yourself, Anki’s drilling method means you can remember first learned answers for a long time.

There are two ways to use Anki: create your own questions (cards) or download decks (groups of cards) made by others on the website. Creating your own is very easy. Enter the question and answer (front and back of the virtual card) into each field, format it to your preference, and add video, images, audio (useful for language learning), or use LaTeX and HTML.

While Anki can help you memorize anything, many decks available online are geared towards Asian languages, especially Japanese. Anki works by showing you one side of the card. Mark your answer as good, easy, hard, or very hard depending on how well you remembered and found the question. Anki will repeat the same question at specific intervals designed to maximize memory for words. The program provides detailed statistics on performance and shows progress with graphs, so you can monitor it closely.

Anki is an excellent tool for all types of students, even if it doesn’t make innovative sounds. If you can put what you need to learn in the format used on Anki cards, you can maximize your memory in the program. Clearly, it is an ideal accompaniment for those who have serious problems learning difficult subjects, as it is a beautifully designed product developed by someone who is very dedicated to the concept.

Anki is a perfect program for students of all ages.


Anki is a powerful flashcard software with spaced repetition algorithm, customizable decks, multimedia support, and mobile/desktop compatibility. It has a supportive community and open-source code. However, it has a steep learning curve and can be time-consuming to create cards. Overall, it’s a great tool for efficient and personalized learning.


  • Spaced repetition algorithm for effective learning
  • Customizable decks for personalized study
  • Multimedia support for diverse learning
  • Cross-platform compatibility for convenient studying
  • Import/export for sharing and transferring decks
  • Active community for support and resources


  • Steep learning curve for beginners
  • Time-consuming to create and organize decks
  • Dependence on technology for studying

Anki : Other Platforms

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Anki Web Link
Anki Download for macOS
Anki Download for Android
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Useful Video

Anki : FAQ

How can I create flashcards on Anki?

To create flashcards on Anki, open the application and click on the “Add” button. You can then enter your question and answer, and add any other relevant information. You can also add images, audio, and video to your cards.

What are Anki addons?

Anki addons are third-party plugins that enhance the functionality of the Anki application. There are many addons available that can add features such as extra note types, customizable shortcuts, and automatic audio recording.

Is Anki available on mobile devices?

Yes, Anki is available on mobile devices through the AnkiApp. The Anki App is available for both iOS and Android devices, and allows users to access their Anki decks on the go.

What is AnkiPro?

AnkiPro is a paid version of the Anki application that offers additional features such as the ability to customize the interface and access to the AnkiWeb API. AnkiPro is available for a one-time purchase fee.

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