File compressor

A file compressor is a software program that reduces the size of files or folders to save storage space and improve file transfer speeds. It works by using various compression algorithms to compress the data in a file, making it occupy less space on disk or during transmission. The compressed file can then be decompressed or extracted back to its original state for use.

File compressors typically support different file formats, such as ZIP, RAR, 7Z, TAR, GZIP, and more. They offer options for adjusting compression levels, encryption, and other settings to customize the compression process. Some file compressors also provide additional features like file splitting, password protection, and multi-volume archives.

Some of the most widely used file compressors worldwide include WinZip, WinRAR, 7-Zip, and more.

  1. Bandizip

    Bandizip is a powerful, free compression program that can compress and decompress various formats quickly and easily. It has gained popularity due to its versatile features and user-friendly interface.

    Bandizip’s main features

    Powerful Compression and Decompression Features


    Bandizip supports various formats like ZIP, RAR, 7Z, and TAR, offering high-speed compression and decompression. Its performance excels by utilizing multi-core processors for these tasks. In comparison, competitors like WinRAR are paid, and 7-Zip has a more complex interface.

    Fast Compression and Decompression Speed


    By utilizing multi-core CPUs, Bandizip boasts rapid compression and decompression speeds. For instance, compressing a 100MB file takes about 7 seconds, comparable to WinRAR. In contrast, 7-Zip and PeaZip take 8 and 9 seconds, respectively.

    Support for Various Formats

    Bandizip supports over 30 different file formats, including ZIP, RAR, 7Z, and TAR, allowing users to handle almost any file with a single program. On the other hand, WinRAR and WinZip have more limited format support.

    File Encryption and Security


    With AES-256 encryption, Bandizip securely protects files, making it useful for handling sensitive files requiring password protection. While other compression programs offer encryption, Bandizip provides this feature for free.

    Split Compression Function


    Bandizip allows you to split large files into several smaller ones, making it convenient for email attachments or file sharing. Although this feature is available in 7-Zip, Bandizip’s intuitive interface makes it easier for beginners.

    Drag and Drop Support

    Easily compress or decompress files by dragging and dropping them, significantly enhancing user convenience. While competing apps offer this feature, Bandizip’s interface is more intuitive.

    Compressed File Inspection


    Check the integrity of compressed files before using them to ensure safety. This feature is also available in WinRAR, but Bandizip offers it for free.Bandizip_05

    Support for Multiple Languages

    Bandizip supports multiple languages, including Korean, making it easily accessible to users worldwide. This enhances the software’s global reach.

    OS Requirements and Minimum/Recommended Specifications

    ItemMinimum SpecsRecommended Specs
    OSWindows 7 or higherWindows 10 or higher
    ProcessorIntel Pentium 4 or higherIntel Core i3 or higher
    Memory512MB or higher2GB or higher
    Storage100MB of free space500MB of free space
    Display1024×768 resolution1280×1024 resolution


    • Intuitive interface
    • Supports various formats
    • Fast compression/decompression speed
    • Free to use


    • Lack of advanced settings
    • Some features limited in the free version

    Bandizip : Review

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